In high school sports, all the kids from our area are deserving this week off for spring break.

Come next week, the best athletes in Northern Michigan will thinking about sports in the spring season.  As Winter come to a close, a number our teams put together a memorable run.  The varsity basketball boys of McBain High School added another piece of greatness to their storied program.  The Ramblers ended their campaign run in the state semifinals of Division 3.  They fell to Niles-Brandywine in the Final Four.  During high school tournaments, you only have one chance and every play matter.  They were en route to the state championship, but turnovers hurt them in the end.  Head Coach Bruce Koopman says the credit goes to their opponent for making the plays, and they still had an amazing season.  It will be remembered as one of the best in Ramblers' history.