In local sports, the high school fall season and the college athletics, usually get most of the attention this month. But shooting is always favorite among Michiganders.  A lot of them do it year-round, and a big competition happened in Northern Michigan.

At the Lake County Sportsman Club in Baldwin, many of the great shooters in the North came together for a fun-filled event.  The club hosted a 3-Gun Shoot.  This is the fall edition of the semi-annual shooting event.  The local shooters were able to participate in rifle, pistol, and handgun events.  Some of them shot in all 3 events.  The winner of the events earned gifts and cash rewards.  The Lake County Sportsman Club has competitions through out the year for all ages.  The 3-Gun Shoot is one of the bigger events, and participants look forward to this one, since shooters can test their skills with the 3 different guns.