NewsNet began as, a local news web site with a strong focus on multimedia which launched in 2007. In 2008, TV Cadillac became Local Edition, a five-minute local news cut-in airing once every hour on HLN in the Cadillac, Manistee and Ludington areas.

Local Edition grew into MI News 26, the Cadillac area's newest TV station, in February 2011. In 2019, MI News 26 became the home of the national NewsNet Network, and was rebranded under the NewsNet name in conjunction with that growth. NewsNet brings local news and information to your computer and mobile device around the clock. We also broadcast local news and entertainment programming to the Cadillac, Lake City and McBain areas, all available for free with an antenna.

NewsNet is your source for local news and information around the clock on channel 26.1, and a wide range of entertainment content on antenna channels 26.2 - 26.12.

Thanks for making NewsNet your source for local news!